Machine Learning / Voice Command
AI+Voice Abracadabra
︎ Conceptual︎ 2018 [May-Aug] ︎

︎ The above video is a screen recording of the live project. Please turn on the volume if you'd like to hear the sound.

The assets in the video are constantly reacting to the voices from the TV show. I used IBM Watson's Artificial Intelligence API and Unity 3D to create a live project. It listens to the sound, converts them into text, and analyze their tone. The user will see the impact of their words by watching how this digital civilization changes as different words affect its growth and evolution. 

︎ Please turn on the volume if you'd like to hear the sound.

Just like its title, the user can create his or her environment by simply speaking out loud. It could be monologues, commands or conversations. This unique world can be built or collapsed based on the user's emotions expressed in their tone of the content.

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